What is an APP?
Why does my business need an APP?
What can I do with a Business APP?
Why would my customers want my APP?
How do customers find my APP?
So how do I get an APP for my business?
How much is an APP going to cost?

What is an APP?

This is an abbreviation for an Application, a self-contained piece of software, small enough to be sent to your smartphone.

It needs to use the features of the smartphone to surprise and delight the users, show the users their world in innovative ways and let them interact with it like never before.

The phone companies who control the release of APP's want this to be a quality experience with their products (the mobile devices or smartphones), so an APP will need polish in functionality and user interface, the APP needs to look good and work with the smartphone or mobile device, flawlessly. It needs to be an entertaining, informing or a useful tool.

An APP design will not be passed if it is not very useful, is just an advert or does not surprise, delight, use innovative features, does not display a quality design or does not work flawlessly.

Why does my business need an APP?

Since 2008, over 50 BN APP's have been downloaded. Google Play is forecasting 29 BN downloads for 2012/13 and have paid £7.9 BN for Motorola's technology to make it happen.

Google knows that by 2013 there will be 5.5 BN smartphones split between 7BN people on the planet.

Mobiles go everywhere with their owners, I mean everywhere, to bed, to the loo, in the car, to work and even into those meetings. It's an exceptable habit to check your messages at work, even in a meeting. Image reading a paper, listening to a radio or watching TV at work!

Most corporate websites are heavily restricted, especially social media and you tube and employees can be scared to surf.

5.5 billion, unrestricted mobiles, unlike the 1.5 BN TV's,
0.5 BN Newspapers, 0.8 BN Car radios or 1 BN PC's.

Plus, because your mobile is available to you so much of the time compared to the time you are exposed to the other types media, it is by far the most effective. Reach more people, more of the time.

Whilst there is an unprecedented level of demand for APP downloads, there are just 0.5 M APPS, that’s 100,000:1 and growing.

This is mainly due to it being so difficult to get an APP authorised, even after a huge investment in programming time.

There is a very short supply of quality APP's and only 4%, or 20,000 of these are business APP's
. Good APP's are receiving very high traffic, so what are you waiting for.

Not only can an APP add serious credibility to your business but APP adverts are everywhere, increasing the demand for APP's. Google are gearing up to start a tidal wave of APP usage.

Just as with domain names, the relevant unique APP names will get used up quickly and finding a distinctive APP logo design will become increasingly difficult.

Now is the best time to get on board and ride the wave.

Your APP needs to be a useful tool. Smart business owners use APP's to connect with their customers, share relevant news, showcase customers their great services, create events, increase foot traffic and take reservations or leads.

Having a beautiful customised APP, will allow a business to make their customers feel special with innovative methods of communication. Your APP will be in your customer’s pocket, 24/7.

This is the new route to market and all other methods will become dinosaurs very shortly, without an APP at the forefront.

What can I do with a Business APP?

You can keep in touch with your customers and deliver instant messages to your customers' mobile devises using push notifications. While only 4% of emails get opened within 24 hours, push notifications get read 97% of the time, instantly.

For example; an updated list from an Estate Agents portfolio can be delivered with the push notification or message; "Here are our new properties that match your search criteria".

The customer clicks to view and accepts the message. The new APP, which includes your current property portfolio, is downloaded. The customer can now view your updated stock list, on a map with GPS directions to each property.

They can visit each area and see if it suites them, calculate their mortgage repayments and walk into your shop ready to commit. All of this is being done on the move, un-tethered, using a smartphone, now that’s a useful APP.

Your customers can quickly tell all of their friends about you using the built-in sharing capabilities of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, your blog, SMS, Email and their mobile phone list, whilst you gather their names and email addresses using your APP.

Why would my customers want my APP?

The new customer wants to be untethered, mobile,
in touch and in control. They know what they want

and they want it now. Your APP needs to be the tool that
helps them get what they want and show's them where
to find it.

New smartphone users are building new viral marketing habits. Using GPS searches, 1 touch dialling and sharing good experiences by recommending useful APP's to their contact lists. A smartphones contact list is made up of phone numbers, email addresses and social media accounts.

Most people have 100’s of contacts in their smartphones. You now want everybody’s recommendations

The customer's need to see your APP as a very useful tool that helps them look good and feel good about using you. They must be able to use the APP on the move, using the functions of the mobile device to allow them to view their world on the move in innovative ways, interacting with it like never before.

An APP will make it simple for your customers to reach you using one touch calling, email, a website link and GPS directions to your business, all from inside your APP.

How do customers find my APP?

We are an APP Design and Marketing business, we are a useful tool for you and you can access us right now on your mobile device and start using our services today.

Getting your APP is the start, now we will help you get your customers using it. We have over 100 marketing campaigns specifically designed around using APP's to create, develop and delight your customers.

You may have to make some changes in your business to support the new customer demands using mobile devises and APP's in combination.

The 2 main ways to distribute your APP's are

1 TTP, Talk To People, you tell them, you give the APP to them, you get off your butt and get the APP onto peoples smartphones.

You can use a QR tag link to encourage your customers to get your APP and encourage your customers to pass your APP onto their contact lists using offers for example, whatever it takes.

We will help you with our 100 APP marketing techniques, specifically designed around using the power of APP's to create, develop and delight your customers.

 2 APP stores. In (mid 2012) you could search for a business APP, lets say one of my business's for,
"Basement Conversions",
there are no APP's for Basement Conversion companies, None, 0, NO competition, we will be the first, the only one, No 1 in the world.

In fact only 4% of all of the APP's are business related and these are mainly the big companies (who paid $20~50K).

The APP platforms include:
Google Play (formally Android), Apples App Store, Mobile Web, Java ME, Blackberry, Symbian Windows Phone and Flash Lite.

Our APP's can work across all smartphones and mobile devices that use APP's including the Kindle Fire for example.

So how do I get an APP for my business?

I suggest you contact us and we can take care of it for you.
APP's are very difficult to get launched. That's because making and getting an APP approved is incredibly difficult and costly
. Assuming you are already accredited to design APP's or have access to an accredited APP designer who is willing to risk working with you, you first have to design a fully functioning APP that will look perfect and work flawlessly across your chosen platforms. That can cost a lot of time and money.

Then you have to get a software licence which costs money too.

Then you have to pay for the APP to be submitted for end to end testing with each APP store. It will be rejected if your APP does not support the rules on being a useful tool, a beautiful design, using the mobiles functions to delight its customers and work flawlessly, etc.

This can be a fantastic outlay in time and money, just to find that your APP has been rejected. That's why I suggest you use us to do all of this work for you.

How much is an APP for my business?

Although APP's are very difficult to build and very difficult to get authorised, we have a successful history of APP design to launch on the APP stores.

We then Add Massive Unrivalled Value by telling you and showing you our 100 APP Specific Marketing Techniques.

We only want successful APP launches that delight our customers and delight your customers as we work mainly on your recommendations.

Even though our prices are similar to other designers, we know that they are not experienced or qualified to offer you the marketing support.

1, £597 for our basic APP package, designed, licenced and submitted to 1 of either the APP Store or Google Play,

2, £797 your APP in both stores with enhanced features,
designed, licenced and submitted to both the APP Store and Google Play (Android),

3, £1,497 for all of the APP features and the editing software for those ecommerce sites like estate agents or car sales sites that need to update their products on a regular basis.

4, £2,997 for all of the APP features and the editing software fast ROI (Return On Investment) and 100 APP Marketing*.

All of the APP features with editing software
This means that you will have the choice of switching on or off all of the APP features that are available and the ability to add, edit or delete your content and change your styles.

fast ROI (Return On Investment)
a fast Return On your initial Investment,
a substantial return before the APP is even launched for those who are worried about the payback period.

APP Marketing
1 year 100 APP Specific Marketing Techniques program
which starts by gaining a substantial return straight away and we then start attracting customers with the other 100 specific APP marketing techniques.

We can start new techniques weekly, adding campaigns in a controlled way at your speed.
We will show you 'what to do' and 'how to do it'.

You will also have access to our 100 APP Specific marketing techniques video's after the 1 year marketing support has finished, should you decide not to renew.

* We can only work with a maximum of 100 businesses at a time with the 100 APP Specific Marketing Techniques,
as fully supporting you can take up a lot of our time

A monthly charge is made by the APP store host for hosting, updates, distribution and the unlimited push notification messaging service of £47 pcm.


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4 year and 500,000 APP's in the APP store

there is a huge demand and very little supply, what are you waiting for?

make reservations on the move

APPs superior effective marketing reach compared to traditonal marketing methods

APP's have to scream usefullness

This is how we can organise our lives, protected and aided by toolboxes, containing useful tools

unteathered mobile customers who want to buy now!

guide me to your store, I want to buy now!

QR tags can be scanned by smartphones and they link to your APP's, so get your customers to tag you to theirs contact list of they are happy!

only 4% or 20,000 of all APP's are business related, they are usually big companies

Designs of logos are being used up

APP's from the cloud

Useful APP's are recommended to the contact lists on your customers phones.

get UK APP Design to design, licence, submit, launch & market your APP for you

let UK APP Design create the perfect APP for you.

Let us design your APP solution for you